Blower-Demspay is committed to sustainability


Since 1973, Blower-Dempsay has made a continuing commitment to deliver products and services in a manner that solves true customer needs while building a company culture of innovation and leadership.

recycled corrugated cardboard

For many years now, an integral part of our company’s vision and long-term planning revolves around matters of sustainability. Early on, we saw the advantages of adopting sustainable printing and manufacturing processes that would enable us to serve you better. As a brand and merchandising partner to many established companies, we’ve been able to leverage this expertise to help customers achieve their own sustainability initiatives.

Whether you’re looking for flexible packaging, corrugated displays or any of the wide range of other products we offer, rest assured that every team member will be working on your behalf to deliver the most sustainable options available on the market.

How do we improve sustainability in conventional products?
Through our internal business processes designed for:

  • Life-cycle evaluation
  • Waste reduction (landfill)
  • Higher recyclability codes
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions from our fleet of smart carts, trucks, etc.
  • Upgrading to energy efficient machinery and vehicles
  • Use of bio-plastics or biodegradable or compostable products
  • Pre-cycling